The Paddock Community Garden is a space where residents of the area have an opportunity to connect with each other and to develop our community. It is a welcoming place that accepts people from all backgrounds.

The Camdenville Community Garden sows the seeds for us to connect with nature, to grasp a deep understanding of how life works, its energy and power. A connection that goes beyond food. 

It is a space to cultivate – cultivating not only fruit, vegetables and herbs, but also new friendships and relationships based on a shared passions and a willingness to think differently.

It is a space to become versed in the process of farm to plate and back again and the importance of educating our children who will be our future leaders.

A visit to the garden leaves you with more than produce. You leave feeling refreshed, renewed, invigorated and with warmth of understanding the incredible legacy we are leaving behind.

Let’s grow something together.

Things You Might Want to Know

  • The Camdenville Paddock Community Garden has a lease with Camdenville Public School to use the site as a Community Garden.
  • Learning opportunities for the pupils at the school is a key feature of the Garden’s master plan.
  • Camdenville Paddock Community Garden supports Marrickville Council’s social inclusion and healthy ageing policies and welcomes residents of all ages.
  • The Garden’s Master Plan has been prepared by our Landscape Architect and Arborist.
  • The Garden’s founding management team grew from the passions of a number of local residents to provide sustainable solutions to urban food production.
  • The founding management team brings a wealth of experience, including environmental practices, horticulture, project management, community art, garden and graphic design and fundraising.

Who Owns The Paddock?

The Paddock Community Garden is managed by the Newtown Sustainability Group, a not-for-profit Incorporated Association that operates under the Department of Fair Trading ‘Model Constitution’ under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

The management of the community garden is based on the following principles that are enacted through the management committee:

  • Democratic procedure through which topics are deliberated as a means of decision-making
  • Participation by all members interested in being involved
  • Fairness and due process.