The Camdenville Paddock Community Garden’s Charter and Guidelines ensure that co-operation and understanding exists amongst participants for the enjoyment of all who wish to use the Garden. 

If you would like to become a Member of the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden, we encourage you to read on. 

  1. Membership of the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden entitles participation in the Garden’s activities, according to the Guidelines and Charter. 
  2. Plot allocation and waiting lists are managed by the Garden Committee and plots are allocated on a ‘first come’ basis. 
  3. If a plot is not maintained for a period of three months, it will be re-allocated to the next person on the waiting list.
  4. To avoid forfeiting the right to use a plot, all fees are to be paid on time, as set out in the Guidelines.
  5. Participation in the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden includes overall Garden maintenance. We ask members to contribute at least one hour per month to general site maintenance, in addition to tending personal plots.
  6. We aim to use organic gardening principles, however flexibility exists in certain circumstances. Where it is not possible to follow organic principles, this may be varied in consultation with the garden community.
  7. If disputes arise, they are settled through calm discussion and goodwill, according to the garden’s grievance procedures.
  8. Tools are used in a safe manner so as not to create a personal hazard or a hazard for other members.
  9. The Garden is to be kept secure, and the last to leave is responsible for ensuring entrances and on-site buildings are locked.
  10. Participation in the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden is at members’ own risk. The Community Garden and committee members are not liable for any injury to members, invited family and friends, or for loss of possessions.
  11. Respect the garden. While visitors are welcome, it is the responsibility of Members to ensure that visitors respect the Garden and its Guidelines and Charter.

Let’s grow something together.

The Paddock Guidelines

The Camdenville Paddock Community Garden welcomes local residents interested in fostering a sustainable urban environment by growing and harvesting their own food. 

As the garden exists for the good of the community, we ask all Camdenville Paddock gardeners to share responsibility for maintaining the garden for the health and safety of our neighbourhood.  And for the enjoyment of all, we ask our gardeners to keep in mind the guidelines below:

  • We maintain a neat and orderly garden, and we build an attractive and creative environment that is appealing to other residents of the community. We mow our lawns and our garden beds are lovingly tended. 
  • We manage good relationships with our neighbours, other gardeners and the organisations that generously support us.
  • We keep our noise within the garden at a level that does not disturb our neighbours.
  • We do not discriminate against one another due to differences in race, culture or sexuality.
  • Our decision-making is democratic, inclusive and transparent.
  • We make sure that any water leaving the garden is not contaminated by sediment, fertiliser, manure or excessive organic matter that might pollute our precious waterways.
  • We maintain our composting and farming systems in a healthy condition so they do not attract vermin or produce unpleasant odours.
  • We look after our rainwater harvesting systems to ensure our water is of a high quality.
  • We have an inviting garden and we welcome visitors.