Food Scrap Friday

Food scraps and organic garden waste are composted on site in closed compost bins and worm farms. The garden contains many compost bins that are utilised by members and by participants in the Food Scrap Friday community composting program.

Established in 2016, Food Scrap Friday is a collaboration between the garden, the local community and Camdenville Public School, and aims to direct food waste away from landfill, while also producing a valuable resource – compost.

Every Friday morning during term time, participants bring their kitchen scraps to the paddock for composting. Volunteers weigh and record the food waste and help maintain the compost bins on site. Each week as many as 40 families are contributing. On average the program diverts over 3 tonnes per annum. The generated compost provides a valuable soil additive and helps us reduce our need for inputs from outside the paddock.

Successful composting requires active management of the compost bins and Food Scrap Friday would not exist without our amazing volunteers and garden members. If you’d like to lend a hand, please sign up to help out.

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Learn about our various facilities for handling food and garden waste on Composting page.